Intelligent Algorithms

Our catalog of machine learning algorithms classifies streaming data into discrete actions in real-time with up to 99% accuracy. Use this information to make better predictions and smarter apps.

Streaming Data Infrastructure

We provide the infrastructure necessary to collect, store, and classify streaming data, all as a service. Stay focused on growing your business while we manage the massive amounts of data.

Analytics and Visualizations

Aggregate data from all of your devices to perform analytics across the entire dataset. Discover and visualize valuable insights for better customer segmentation and smarter product development.

Step 1

Add a few lines of code to device software to stream data into the platform via websocket.

Step 2

Use's model builder to select the right machine learning algorithm and build your classification model.

Step 3

Model is deployed on cloud infrastructure and immediately begins classifying your streaming data.

Step 4

Get results back as a parsed data stream to power apps or as reports or visualizations for direct consumption.

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Wearable Sensors

Wearable devices are driving exciting changes for consumers and businesses. Turn streaming device data into classified actions that developers can use to build real time and predictive applications .


Smart machines and plants provide a rich stream of data that can be used to predict performance, energy use, and productivity. Turn this raw data into actionable information with machine learning algorithms.


Healthcare is inundated with streaming data, but turning it into actionable information isn't easy. The platform can aggregate this data and make meaninful predictions like risk of in-patient infection.