Eddsworld tom - Thomas Ridgewell

Tom eddsworld Eddsworld (TV

Tom eddsworld Tom

Tom eddsworld Eddsworld (TV

Tom eddsworld Eddsworld Tom

Tom eddsworld Thomas Ridgewell

Tom Eddsworld Plush

Tom eddsworld eddsworld

Tom eddsworld Eddsworld (TV

Thomas Ridgewell

Tom eddsworld Tom Eddsworld

Tom eddsworld Eddsworld Love

Tom (Eddsworld)

Tom eddsworld Tord explains

Thomas Ridgewell

You wrapped your arm around his.

  • net, best known for their Cyanide and Happiness.

  • I wanted to visit Edd, we talked about visiting but he always told me he wanted to be out of hospital and be fit for fight if I was to visit him because Edd didn't want us to spend all the time in the hospital, which is fair but, I wish I had went to visit him because now it's too late.

  • Tom is the shortest compared to Edd, Matt, and Tord.


After he released you, he immediately took your hand and brought you to his room.

  • ' and that is what I wanted to avoid, one of my main reasons for leaving Eddsworld.

  • Tom is sometimes very malicious.

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